"Triboom is a Crowdfunding Platform for Sports Communities"


Triboom combines financial tools with community dynamics, offering dedicated accounts to sports clubs that can be customized, launching their auctions and crowdfunding campaigns to fund projects that engage directly with the club’s entire fan base.

These activities have an impact on the real life of each sports community and it’s people: they increase civic education and a sports mentality; promote personal and economic growth, and bring those changes that are paving the way for success, not just in sports.

Sporting Clubs

have at their disposal a new financial resource from an ever-growing and enduring community, bound by an emotional and empathetic bond with the team and colors of those who belong.


can be real protagonists even off the field, contributing in a concrete way to the team’s life and to the economic and sporting performance of their club. Whether it is participating in campaigns, being voted for significant content or inviting your contacts to join the community, every desired action is enhanced by a system of points and badges in a shared and fun environment.

Sponsor Supporters

benefit from greater visibility thanks to targeted actions within funded projects of high ethical and social value by creating partnerships with other realities in the area. It is a fundamental function that completes the collaborative concept implemented with the foundation of a community, and opens up new horizons to marketing initiatives.