Ethical Profile

Triboom joins the club and its community through a system that is based on transparency and mutual trust.
For this reason, the clubs that open an account on Triboom commit themselves to following and honoring the code of ethics inspired by these principles.
Triboom’s staff is tasked with supervising the management of the activities carried out by the Sports Clubs.

In order to translate these guiding principles into practice, Sports Clubs have agreed:

  • To respect the allocation of the funds to the objectives and reasons stated in the campaign, and that these correspond to actual needs that are useful to the life of the Club.
  • To recognize the rewards according to the time and in the manner stated in the presentation of the Campaigns.
  • To integrate and enhance the proposals voted on by your community and to consider the voice of the community an essential value for the Club.
  • To use the content created and shared by users of the Community for uses consistent with their nature of news and historical memory of the Club.
  • To maintain a transparent communication channel with their community, the other clubs and the Triboom organization with respect to the management of all the above mentioned aspects.