Flexible Funding

Multiple funding tools with auctions, rewards and other incentives.

Mix and match multiple funding tools: auctions, reward-based crowdfunding, referral incentives, offline initiatives and (coming soon) lotteries.
Triboom combines financial tools with community dynamics offering to sports clubs dedicated accounts that can be customized, launching their auctions and crowdfunding campaigns to fund projects that engage directly with the entire fan base.

Lupebasket created exclusive material, putting their club’s colors and values at the center of everything with a guessed mix of rewards and auctions with unique items.

Community booster

An exclusive sharing site where you can gather and activate your entire community

We only exist in our relation with others. With Triboom you have the tools to create a community and engage in new interactions with all its stake-holders: fans, sponsors, friends, team players and families.
Supporters can get access to exclusive rewards offered by clubs and at the same time have the possibility to post various kinds of content: photos, videos, albums that can be shared, voted and commented on by the entire community.

Cus Padova Wheelchair Basketball involved not only registered athletes and their families, but also local and national institutions and media, finding the support of Serie A1 basketball clubs as a prestigious promoter of the campaign

Enable change

Not a simple economic collection but a motor for the development of large projects

Use Triboom for charity, social change or active citizenship projects.
Engage and motivate like-minded individuals by creating a project-oriented network.
Triboom educates on participation and stimulates dialogue, content becomes shared values that enhance the well-being of an online ecosystem that reflects the true life of the community in everyday life.

Pallacanestro Cantù with the Piazza delle Stelle project not only has revived the memory of all the most beautiful moments in the long history of the club but has completed a project of urban regeneration.

Create growth opportunity

Every Triboom community can tangibly support the club to which they belong

Learn from your fans, expand your visibility, create and distribute exclusive content.
Triboom is a tool that brings the supporters even closer to their team, becoming a truly tangible force that can promote a project not only emotionally but also economically, thus also affecting positively the course of a competitive season.