“Dream Big” with Cus Padova Wheelchair Basketball

CUS Padova Wheelchair Basketball Is the first Italian university team in a Paralympic sport and one of the few teams in the world of this kind. Born from the idea and the desire of some disabled children, already fans and basketball players, to create a reality that would allow them to combine the need to study but also to practice sports.

With fundraising on Triboom, through the “Dream Big” campaign, there has been a strong desire to finance the purchase of new wheelchairs and the maintenance of the existing ones, in addition to the purchase of technical material. All these items of expenditure are indeed very high in the financial statements of a company

In a two-month campaign, all the teams in the Polisportiva Cus were involved, launching the most prominent sports figures in Padua, as well as various institutions, given the “special” nature of the campaign with strong social values, going “viral” in a way to be mentioned on national news organizations.

Thanks to some personal contacts the Reggio Emilia players (from the first Italian Basketball League) have been involved by donating shoes and jerseys that were then auctioned off in favor of the campaign. Andrea De Nicolao, famous playmaker born in Padova, was the promoter of this beautiful partnership, who then encouraged his teammates Polonara Kaukenas to participate.

This campaign, in addition to financial support, has had many added values, such as raising awareness on the issues of sports for the disabled, increased local and national knowledge of the Wheelchair Basketball movement, as well as a greater flow of public support at the sport related events of Cus Padova.

The economic counter slightly exceeded 5,000 €, thanks to 83 supporters, thus exceeding the target set. All 7 online auctions have been awarded, along with 108 prizes.