Create multiple auctions. Enrich each auction with multimedia content.

Connect auctions to a crowdfunding project.
Fair bidding strategy: every bid in the last minutes of the auction postpones the closing time
Automatic bid payments secured by Stripe
Set minimum increment and starting price


Create multiple crowdfunding projects, featuring multiple rewards.

Add multimedia elements to projects and rewards (videos, photo galleries)
One click payment secured by Stripe
Add any video from youtube, facebook, vimeo.
Embed projects and rewards on your web page or web site
Sharing and invitation system

Community Wall

Your users can post their own contents (photos, galleries, videos, texts) in a safe community environment

Structure your user content and promote discussion using topics, comments and polls
Listen to your community with unlimited polls
Publish and email rich media updates to your community members
All content can be shared across multiple social networks
User interaction: comments. likes, notifications


Every community interaction is enhanced by a system of points and badges, in a fun and shared environment.

Customizable game-like system: choose your own badges and levels.
Live leaderboard pages
Competitions with offline prizes and additional services dedicated to supporters

Be in control

The community manager can plan and control every function needed

Online administration functions
User management
Special roles for sponsors.
Moderate comments and posts
Email system


Use your own logo, colors and images across your community and email messages

Auction and project pages are fully customizable (information display starting and ending dates, etc.)
Welcome message and welcome video in community home
Near white-label experience
Your community speaks your own language, or even multiple languages!
Run Your own Google Tag Manager scripts for custom analytics