“Let’s Increase the Pack”: the success stories of the Lupebasket campaign on Triboom!

Trusting a fundraiser to fund some of its youth basketball activities has been the latest good news for the Lupebasket world, as it is always very active both on and off the court.

Thanks to the meeting with Triboom, there was the possibility for a female basketball club to build a new community around its colors, gathering fans and supporters online and asking them for economic support in exchange for the various rewards made available. It is not just material rewards but also emotional and experiential, with each and every person being able to be an active part of an important and tangible corporate project at all times.

The title of the “Facciamo crescere il Branco” (“Let’s Icrease the Pack“) campaign explains the whole meaning not only of this project but of the entire Lupebasket family; Using the now famous emblem of the “Branco” (Pack) as the natural habitat of the “Lupe” (Wolves) (which has always been the affectionate nickname used by the team), was born into this virtuous circle that sees the support of the whole environment (team, society, fan club) which encourages not only economically but also educationally the very young players that will be tomorrow’s players.

The campaign went literally “on fire” when the original jerseys of the team’s players were auctioned, all of which were judged with shouts of enthusiastic bids. The rewards were also numerous, from videoselfie thank yous to autographed photos, in addition to jerseys and sweatshirts, even the merchandising that was created ad hoc for the campaign, such as the black and yellow bracelets or the Spalding tank-tops produced for the occasion of the Festa della Donna (Women’s Holiday.)

The success of the campaign made it possible to raise a substantial sum of money in favor of Youth basketball activities but above all to bring even more fans closer to the team that has always been willing to support this project and embrace (metaphorically and often also physically) their wonderful audience.

The icing on the cake was the final award to the 10 top finishers in the special list of “Top boomers” in a dedicated time in an event organized by the company. Among these was the mayor of San Martino di Lupari, Gerry Boratto, who won three original jerseys in as many auctions, then giving them to some deserving girls in our youth sector, as if it were a handover between the Lupe of today and tomorrow.

These are the campaign’s final numbers:

3000 € collected

132 Members of the community

25 Original jerseys assigned to auction

51 Assigned rewards

255€ Record auction (Mahoney yellow jersey )

23 Different supporters, also from outside the region and even from abroad.

In addition to those numbers listed above we mention the presence of a continuous publishing activity with a series of specific topics as “TribooMVP”, dedicated to the best player of the day, “La Cronaca Faziosa” (The Biased Chronicle) in which appeared colorful comments and considerations on the team and the league, and “L’Angolo dei Tifosi” (The Corner of the Supporters), where several supporters were interviewed telling and sharing the motives of their common passion. A precious wealth of smiles and enthusiasm, as well as having been poured into the sports hall, has thus continued to expand online!

In this video Mary Sbrissa, the captain of team, introduces to supporters the new community on Triboom and the crowdfunding campaign.