Piazza delle Stelle shines in Cantù!

Pallacanestro Cantù is historically one of the most active and winning basketball clubs in Italy with a history of successes in Europe as well. The city and the surrounding area have always recognized themselves in the team despite the change of ownership. At the present moment, with foreign leadership and a team not highly ranked , the spirit has “cooled”, but to celebrate 80 years of history and awaken the dormant passion, the various Fan Clubs (Tradizione Canturina and Tutti Insieme Cantù) have designed this initiative with the support of the company.

Piazza delle Stelle represented an important environmental redevelopment project that goes through the renovation of an old playground dedicated to the 80 most important characters (players, coaches, managers and not only) of the company’s history. Each of them was given a star, present in the paving of the square, transforming it into a kind of Hollywood Walk of Fame. In this way the present is united with the past, appealing to the collective memory and sense of belonging to the same community by aggregating the entire Cantù fanbase, not only local, but also those today who are spread around the world, including former players, as well as their friends and families.

To support this ambitious project Triboom proved to be the perfect tool, with a campaign of about three months mainly based on utilizing auctions. Each of the 80 star was associated with an auction, the winner of which could affix a choice of two names to be engraved.

8 rounds from 10 auctions each were established, each lasting one week, plus two final rounds to allocate any auction that may have been not assigned in the first session. At the end of the auctions, a final reward was added with the possibility to request the celebratory T-Shirt of this operation, besides the engraving of his name on the sideline, always on the Square.

The numbers in this campaign have been truly flattering with all 80 stars awarded by auction (with a record of 1500 € for a single star), 77 additional rewards for the celebrity jersey and sideline name but above all else a great enthusiasm that emerged during the entire campaign, with a great final event to reward the winners and re-engage many former players, coaches and friends, who came to Cantù from all over the world.