Virtus Entella and Triboom “Together for Gaslini”

One of the most recent campaigns inaugurated on Triboom featured Virtus Entella, a football club based in Chiavari, in the province of Genoa in Liguria, and a strong member of the Serie B championship for several years.

The objective of the first fundraising campaign is derived from the name “Together for Gaslini“. The Gaslini Pediatric Hospital of Genoa, since its foundation in 1938, has dealt with the treatment of pediatric diseases and the continuous research of this specific field. For some years, Virtus Entella, like other sports clubs in the area, has been active on this side of solidarity. From the beginning the introduction with Triboom has seemed like an excellent opportunity to continue on this path, being able to involve in a virtuous way its community of fans, who are willing to offer financial support, and in return are able to receive several rewards and limited edition merchandise.

From a purely strategic point of view of the campaign, a policy has been implemented of “recovery” of material which is of great interest for the fans and comes practically at “zero cost” by directly involving the players of the team who have given back to the community with their generous availability; just think of the gloves offered by the goalkeeper Alessandro Iacobucci or the Nike model shoes worn by the striker De Luca. There was also great luck with the the auction where one could bid on 9 original t-shirts from last season that were no longer usable by the club, thus allowing several groups of 5 man football and amateur football to compete for the precious prize up for auction.

Moreover, in the last few seasons, Virtus Entella is proving to be highly evolved in its communication and marketing strategies. Virtus Entella was in fact the first football club in Italy to introduce the application of “dynamic ticket pricing“, that is, an advanced sales model in ticketing , with ticket prices that continue to change on the basis of numerous parameters: from the advance with which it is purchased, in addition to the day and time scheduled for the game, the importance of the adversary as well as weather conditions.

We also add that the club has been collaborating with Wylab for some time. Wylab is an incubation program dedicated to start-ups in the sports sector with it’s home based in Chiavari. Wylab is also a partner of Triboom and the two companies have had a joint presence within several national and international events.

After the first months of collaboration between Virtus Entella and Triboom the results have been tangible. The hope is to continue developing new initiatives so as to be able to support various noble causes like that of the Pediatric Hospital Gaslini!